Our Story

TJ & Courtney have been working out together for the past 3 years. For us, part of life is working out whenever and wherever.

Our programs are designed by Tony Marsh, a former pro Rugby player who for the last nine years has been a strength and conditioning trainer for Les Mills, NZ squash and Rugby. TJ’s passionate about supporting people on their health and well-being journey. 

Courtney is a successful business owner, avid traveller and fitness enthusiast. Courtney started packing a mini workout kit with her where-ever she went. Being able to smash out a workout (that TJ had provided) whilst on her travels, meant she didn’t lose all those gains she worked hard for. 

Together these hardworking Kiwis with the go hard or go home kiwi mentality have produced an on-the-go fitness pack, that everyone can benefit from.