Glute Band Set + Sliders
Regular price $70.00 Go to the next level with a set of Sliders to really smash the core! Target, isolate and activate your glute muscles – the biggest muscles in your body which connect with the core. The bands can be used alone or incorporated into a range of workouts. Three sizes offer different levels of resistance so you can increase tension at your own pace. The bands are premium quality material with a non-slip inner and double stitched to prevent ripping or tearing.
Power Band Set
Regular price $69.95 Power bands can be used at the gym or at home and can easily be combined with other fitness equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, machines) to increase intensity. Ideal for stretching, resistance training and core. Our bands can be used to increase the resistance during a movement or assist you when you don't have the required strength to complete a movement. Power Bands can be used with pull up, press up, squat, deadlift movements and much more.

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Regular price $14.99 Engage your core, upper and lower body muscles and challenge your stability and control. The sliders force you to engage specific muscles throughout an entire movement. These double-sided sliders work smoothly on most surfaces.


I can't get to the gym during lockdown, but with this gear I can get a decent workout in and not feel like I'm going backwards.

Sam, Builder

A gym in a bag. What’s not to love?

Andy, General Manager

I tend to go for a run and call it a day. Now it’s a lot easier to work on my core as well.

Tamara, Producer

I’m a social exerciser. The kids love the bands, so we’ve set up a little circuit in the garage. Great fun.

Liz, Clinical Therapist

Way better quality than what I thought it would be and such a great price.

Dusty, Security

Quick and easy to set up and use. Loving the workout videos on Instagram.

Rachel, Mum

Perfect timing! Really enjoying having a few more toys to play with in the backyard.

Debbie, Student